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Instructions for connecting to the report server log.

You will need to connect to the execution log 2 view in your report server database. Typically the report server Database is named ReportServer. The view to query is named is ExecutionLog2. The Date woksheet is a linked table for the date in PowerPivot. You may need to expand the dates for your data.

"1. Click on PowerPivot Window in excel
2. Click on the design tab at the top of the PowerPivot window
3. Click Exsiting Connections
4. Select the first connection and click Edit
5. Change the Server name and Database to match the location of your Report Server
6. Click Save in PowerPivot to return to excel
7. Click on data and select referesh all

You will see several DAX functions in this PowerPivot work book. They are used to find slashes in the log and separate the report names from the folders. They are also used to separate the domain from the user name. There is a lot of manipulation done on the date to seperate the date from the time. There are several measure already created. Feel free to add more as you see fit. Let me know if you have any questions.

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